Do you have hot water system issues? Maybe it’s leaking or not working at all.

Having reliable hot water is important and not always as difficult as you might think.

Cuttle Plumbing are your local authorized service agent for APRICUS and THERMANN solar hot water systems.

We are also EXCLUSIVE distributors of Quantum hot water products in the New England region.

Hot water system replacements

Solar or Heat Pump hot water systems

Gas or Electric Off-Peak hot water systems

Hot water system fault diagnosis and repairs

Insulation of water lines

And more, you only need to ask.


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plumbing maintenance issues we can help with:

We offer regular maintenance programs which will keep your hot water system in good working order for your peace of mind. Cuttle Plumbing can also provide a free energy assessment of your current hot water service, and come up with a more energy efficient system to save you money on your power or gas bill!!

We exclusively use heaters from: