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At Cuttle Plumbing we’ve been putting our years of experience into every job we’ve done, domestic and commercial, all over the New England region. If you have general enquiries or need emergency assistance we’re waiting to hear from you. As a family-owned business, we have high standards and never leave a mess. 

We travel right across the New England region, including:

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For emergency situations, we recommend contacting us by phone for a quick response.

What to do with a blocked drain or leaking toilet in Armidale?

If you have a question for the team at Cuttle Plumbing in the New England region, you may find the answer below. We’ve put together a few frequently asked questions and advice for your convenience. If your query is more specific or you would like to book an obligation-free quote, simply give us a call

Q: I have an emergency! Do you do callouts after hours?

A: Yes! We understand that sometimes problems occur at the most unfortunate times. Give us a call and we’ll come to you as soon as we can!


Q: I have a single flush cistern I don’t want to replace, is there a way I can still save water?

A: You may have heard of the old brick in the cistern trick—offsetting the water in your cistern with a large object so that your toilet uses less water each time you flush. While the best way to save water is to install a more efficient dual flush unit, you might not have that option. So, in the meantime, re-use a plastic milk bottle. Weight it down with water, sand or pebbles, then place it in your cistern. Do not use a brick because it can break down in the water and the fragments can be damaging to your toilet mechanisms and drainpipes. 


Q: How can I check if my toilet is leaking?

A: A leaking toilet can be hard to detect, and you could end up adding hundreds of dollars on your water bill. Placing a few drops of food colouring in the cistern will help you find out if water is leaking into the bowl between flushes. If the water in the bowl becomes discoloured, you may have a leak. Contact us so we can check for and repair any leaks. 


Q: I have a blocked drain, what should I do?

A: The first thing you can do to unblock a drain is to pour boiling water down it to try to dissolve or dislodge any blockage. If that fails, try a cup of baking soda and a cup of vinegar or a commercially available chemical drain cleaner. Take care to plug up outlets like both drains in a dual basin sink. Still blocked? Try plunging. Make sure that all holes where pressure might escape are plugged up. The sink should be filled with enough water to cover the cup of the plunger, then you can give it your best shot. If the blockage persists it’s time to contact us. 


Q: I dropped something down the sink, what can I do?

A: Before you do anything else you need to turn the water off to avoid washing it away. It could be sitting in the pipe bend called a trap. Give us a call and we can check the pipes for you. We can also service the rest of your sinks, taps and your hot water system while we’re at it. 


Q: I think I smell gas, what should I do?

A: If you think you can smell gas the first thing you should do is extinguish any naked flames like candles and stovetops. Make sure to turn off any gas appliances, too. Open doors and windows so that the gas can escape and fresh air can get in. Leave any electrical appliances as they are. Do not switch them on or off. Then you need to call us, so we can find the source of the leak and fix it.