Gas Fitting Armidale

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Plumber Working on Gas Fitting in Commercial Building Armidale

Ensure your gas appliances are working efficiently and safely by having them serviced regularly by the team at Cuttle Plumbing in Armidale. 


Gas can be dangerous, so it’s critical you have gas appliances like room heaters and ovens checked, tested and cleaned regularly. The installation of new gas appliances like cooktops should also be handled by professionals. 


Additionally, we carry out modifications to your gas network such as putting in new pipework. If you need your gas hot water system serviced or a new one installed or converted, our team are standing by. 


All our gas work is certified so you can relax knowing you and your family are safe.

Some of the gas services we provide:

  • Installation of new or modification of existing gas pipework
  • Gas appliance servicing
  • Gas appliance fault diagnosis & repair
  • Gas appliance installations & replacements
  • Gas hot water service, repairs & installations
  • LPG & Natural gas connection conversion
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