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Specialised Hot Water System Repairs & Installations

At Cuttle Plumbing in Armidale, our licensed gasfitters can install, service and repair both solar and gas hot water systems. Whether you need an installation, conversion or upgrade for new builds or renovations we can help.


If you’ve been finding your current system lacking, consider a higher capacity or continuous flow system. We can advise you on the best setup for your home or business. For your convenience we also offer a maintenance service to keep your system in good working order.


Did you know that we are authorised service agents for Apricus and Thermann solar hot water systems? We supply heaters from Quantum, Rinnai, Apricus and Rheem but we also service other brands.


Ask about our free energy assessment of your current hot water service. If there is room for improvement, we can design a new system that can save you money on your bills.


For a free quote get in contact with our friendly team.

Man Turning On the Hot Water Systems in the Bathroom
Hot Water System Technician Installing Water Heater System

Reputable Hot Water System Installations

If you find yourself needing a new hot water system installed because your current one is too faulty for repairs or broken completely, then worry not.


The Cuttle Plumbing team is fully qualified to handle many of the most popular makes and models of hot water systems, including gas and solar systems.


This means that we can install your brand new hot water system with confidence and swiftness, resulting in minimal disruption to your day and a wonderfully efficient system at the end of it.

Reliable Hot Water System Repairs

Sometimes, your hot water system can be difficult and suddenly find itself in need of repairs. When this happens, contact the Cuttle Plumbing team and we’ll come out to your property in Armidale to take a look.


Thanks to our ample experience, we can diagnose hot water system problems quickly and get to work fixing them.


Our trained engineers will arrive with everything they need to take care of common hot water system issues, so when we arrive, you can rest assured your system will be working like normal in no time at all.

Hot Water System Technician Doing Water Heater System Repair
Hot Water System Technician Doing Water Heater Maintenance Check

Routine Hot Water System Servicing

Alongside repair call-outs and new hot water system installations, we also offer routine servicing for your water heating system. Even healthy systems require regular servicing just to ensure everything is working as it should be.


Our great team of hot water system experts can fine-tune any small problems to keep your system running perfectly, meaning you won’t have to worry about any issues arising in the near future. Our proactive servicing means you won’t have to reactively panic should your system suddenly break down!

Hot Water System FAQs

What are signs your hot water system needs repairing?

There are many symptoms of a faulty hot water system. Of course, the individual signs depend on the type and model of your system, but general signs that you need to hire an engineer to repair your hot water system include:

  • Reduced pressure of hot water
  • Strange sounds coming from the system
  • Lowered water temperatures
  • Smelly or cloudy water
  • Fluctuations in water temperature

If you spot any of these signs, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Cuttle Plumbing. We’ll send out a trusty engineer to take a look and diagnose the problem.

How often should your hot water system be serviced?

It’s a wise idea to invest in regular hot water system servicing from a licensed engineering company such as Cuttle Plumbing. This way, we can spot any minor issues before they become major ones and potentially save you some big bucks in the process.


As a general recommendation, aim to book hot water system servicing once a year. If your system is old or has needed repair work in the past, you may wish to increase this to twice a year. For bespoke advice regarding servicing and maintenance of your hot water system, reach out to our friendly engineering team.